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Set of Marilyn magnets

^ Year? Maker?

Found on the web ca. 2005


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Two marbles
Yellow marble
^ Year? Maker?

Two marbles, shown on marble stands. Found on e-bay USA in 2007

^ Year? Maker?

Marble shown on marble stands; it reads: "Marilyn Monroe. Play With This." Found on e-bay USA in 2007


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^ 1988. Clay Art. Ceramic.

^ 1988. Clay Art. Ceramic.


^ Circa 2003. Probably by Vandor.

Right: what the cube looks like when it's opened.


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Norma Jeane; in bikini
White dress, holding jewels
^ Year? One source says this was made in the 1950s
^ Year? the side reads in part, "Copyright 1953 20th Century Fox Film. Corp."
Four images of MM
Don't Bother To Knock movie poster
^ Year? Maker?
^ Year? Maker?
MOnroe in bathing suit, backstage
^ Year? Maker?
^ 2004. Vandor. Shown on right: packaging
Wall mirror from Vandor
^ 2005. Vandor. Wall mirror
Marilyn in gold lame' dress
Bert Stern image of MM on mirror

^ 2007. By Vandor.

Notepad with mirror

^ Year? (ca. 1970s). Maker?

UK product

Warhol Marilyn image
Marilyn in black dress

^ 2007. By Big Dog Badges

UK product.

^ 2007. By Big Dog Badges

UK product.


Red background, black dress with white collar
Signing Autograph

^ 1996. By Legends.

Shown in original packaging

^ 1996. By Legends
in long johns, in front of fire place
^ Year? Maker?
^ Year? Maker? (UK product)
^ Year? Maker? (UK product)
^ 2005. Maker?
Sam Shaw Photo of Marilyn
Marilyn in strapless dress

^ Year? Maker?

Found on e-bay Germany in 2007

^ Year? Maker?

^ Year? Maker?

Found on the web in 2007


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Image To Be Added Later
^Year? By Vandor

^ Year? Maker?

USA Stamp design