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The Marilyn Collection

Plate 1. The Seven Year Itch. 1990.

Plate 2. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. 1990.

Plate 3. River of No Return.

Plate 4. How To Marry A Millionaire. 1991.

Plate 5. There's No Business Like Show Business. 1992

Plate 6. Niagara. 1992.

Plate 7. My Heart Belongs To Daddy. 1992.

Plate 8. Bus Stop. 1992.

Plate 9. All About Eve. 1992.

Plate 10. Monkey Business. 1992.

Plate 11. Don't Bother To Knock. 1992.

Plate 12. We're Not Married. 1992.

The Magic of Marilyn

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Reflections of Marilyn

Plate 1. All That Glitters. 1994.

Plate 2. Shimmering Heat. 1994.

Plate 3. Luminous Lorelie. 1994.

Plate 4. A Twinkle In Her Eye. 1995.

Plate 5. A Glimmering Dream. 1995.

Plate 6. Sparkling Cherie. 1995.

Plate 7. Luminous Lorelie. 1995.

Plate 8. Dazzling Dreamgirl. 1995.

The Gold Collection

Plate 1. Sultry Yet Regal. 1995.

Plate 2. Graceful Beauty. 1995.

Plate 3. Essence of Glamour. 1995.

Plate 4. Sweet Sizzle. 1996.

Plate 5. Fire and Ice. 1996.

Plate 6. Satin and Cream. 1996.

Plate 7. Shimmer and Chiffon. 1996.

Plate 8. Frankly Feminine. 1997.

Plate 9. Forever Radiant. 1997.

Plate 10. Radiant in Red. 1997.

Showstoppers: The Glamour of Marilyn Monroe

There were only two plates in this series. There were supposed to be more, but Bradford stopped production of further plates.

Both are 3-dimensional plates and are about 7 inches high.

Plate 1. Satin Sensation. 1996.
Plate 2. Lovely Lamé. 1996.

Silver Screen Collection (1997 - 1999)

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Marilyn By Milton H. Greene: Up Close And Personal (1997 - 1998)

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Love, Marilyn (1998 - 1999)

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Every Inch A Star

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Plate 1. Hollywood Venus. 1999.

Plate 2. Dressed To Thrill. 1999.

Plate 3. Rising Star. 1999.

Plate 4. Hollywood At Her Feet. 1999.

Diamonds and Pearls - The Fashions of Marilyn Monroe. 2000.

Most of mine are in storage

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Diamond Anniversary

I do not know how many plates are in this collection. This may be all there are, or there might be more.

Plate 1. Diamond Girl. 2001.
Plate 2. Dazzling Dreamgirl. 2001.

Plate 3. Luminous Lorelei. 2001.

Plate 4. Sparkling Cherie. 2001.

Reflections of Marilyn

I own all of these, but they are in storage. I do not remember how many there are in this series.

Plate 1. Unforgettable. 2002.

Artists: Keith Birdsong and Carl Surges.

Plate 2. Legendary. 2002.

Plate 3. Timeless. 2002.

Marilyn Monroe: The Jeweled Tribute Collection

Issued on the "40th anniversary of her tragic passing." Artist: Alfred Durante. Each came with a free tiara pin.

I do not now how many plates are in this collection. This may be all there are, or there might be more.

Plate 1. Diamond Legend

Plate 2. Ruby Legend 2003.

3. Sapphire Legend. 2003.

Plate 4. Emerald Legend. 2003.

Bradford Plate

Plate #5(?). Pink Topaz Legend. Year?

Platinum Moments

Plate 1. Starring Marilyn. 2003.

Plate 2. Leading Lady. 2003.

Plate 3. Opening Night. 2003.

Plate 4. Film Goddess. 2003.

Marilyn: The Beauty Lives On

5 Plate Series

Marilyn Monroe: The Beauty Lives On. 2005.

Five plates meant to be displayed together.

(Two of my plates from this series are in storage.)

Starting from Left to Right with the center plate being counted as #5 on the list:

Plate 2. Forever Marilyn. 2005.

Plate 3. Satin and Lace. 2005.

Plate 5. Body and Soul.

Remaining two plates:

Forever Radiant, Marilyn

Four plate series with display rack, each of which can hold a tea light candle. 2006.

Hollywood's Jewel: Marilyn Monroe

Seven Year Itch
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

^2008. Left: Plate 1 in series ("Shimmering Beauty"); Right: Plate 2 in series ("Satin Sophistication")

I am not sure how many plates are in this series.