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Monroe Vase by Relpo
Marlyn Monroe Vase by Clay Art

^ circa 1950s. Relpo

Some Relpo vases were made in the 1990s

^ 1988. Clay Art.

height = 8 inches width= 6 inches

All 4 Head Vase Styles
In Gold Lame' Dress
In black dress
White Dress
Pink Dress

2006. Maker?

Licensed product by MM Estate through CMG Worldwide.

Came in six different clothing colors: gold, blue, red, black, white, and pink with rhinestone earrings.

According to one source:

only 250 of the white vase were made, only 250 of the pink dress vase were made. This same source says there were only 15 gold vases made, while another sources stated there were 100 of the gold vases produced.

^ vase 1, front and back views shown
^ vase 2, front and back views shown

^ 2006. By Rosenthal.

Made in Germany. Made of Porcelain.

Available in two sizes, height = 9.5" or 7.75"

One site was selling the 9.5" vase for $324.95

3 Vases from Bradford Exchange

^ 2008. The Bradford Exchange

Pictured above: "Love Always, Marilyn" series; from left to right they are entitled "Blonde Perfection (Edition 1)," "Sophisticated Elegance (Edition 2)," "Alluring Beauty (Edition 3)."

Editions 1 and 3 measure 9 3/4" tall; Edition 2 measures 11 1/2" tall. Each comes with a COA and a white silk rose.